AC Weller Engine

Brooklands EngineCraft.

Water Jacket replacement to Pre and Post War engines.

Total cost  £1,100.00 ex-Works

Central Oil Pick fitted into your sump.

£250.00 ex-Works

Shells fitted to your original Crank case, UMB or CL ..or modern Newly manufactured item.

Please ask for details as prices vary dependant on needs.

Adjustable Cam  Chain Wheel in EN24T

£125.00 plus shipping.

New Light Weight Flywheels. To suit any crank type, to order.

Skew Gear sets

Cross Shaft Housings

For sale Cats paw engine.

Fully rebuilt with New block. Running on shell mains.

Now SOLD  may build another, contact if interested.

New AC 2 ltr Billet Crank in EN40 B Nitrided.

 With New Billet rods and a light Weight flywheel, all ready to use.

P.O.A.             Not Farndon Rubbish.

New Crankshaft dampers.  Out right sale at £300.00 plus postage.  

Reconditioned original on exchange   £150.00 plus postage.

We are offering New Pre War Cats Paw engine castings in LM25FT.

These are offered as a fully machined item, and we pride ourselves in offering a fully joined up service.  That is, you supply your crank and sump to us. We then machine the New  Pre -War style Crankcase to match exactly to your sump. Then we fit the engine with shells to take your crank and ensure that all the rotating parts work correctly as they should.

You receive a completed job that is ready to be more having to get the half CNC machined Block that then need fettling to actually fit your parts.

Included in the price we modify your crank for a Modern Rear lip seal and this is also accommodated within the engine.

All this for a total cost of £5,500.00 ex-Works....Extra for 4 bolt fixing main bearing caps and any crank grinding.  Any crank can be fitted with shells into the New Engine.

We also do Water jacket replacements and Oil Pumps along with precision made central Oil pickups,  all as extra or mods to any engine.

Lightweight Dynamo and alternators can also be supplied to order. Alternators can disappear into a dummy shroud if needed. Please do ask for more details.

AC Light Weight Flywheel. original is 14.2kgs.

£550.00 ex-works.  Supplied to order, to suit your crank.

New Duplex  chain sprokets for Early vintage crankshfts to replace tooth chain drive.

£75.00 ex-works

New Speedo Drive gears for Moss gearbox.

Pre-War or Post-War type.

£150.00 ex-works.

New AC replacement crankcase in production.

Cast in Aluminium LM25TF.

Machined to suit your needs.

New Item.     New Cast Iron valve guides Now in stock.

£100.00 Per set plus post

Cams shaft bearings replaced with shells, to remove ware or line up miss matched parts.

New camshafts supplied to order...or repofiled.

P.O.A.   £

New oversize gears fitted to your pump.

Subject to condition allowing over boring body.

£250.00 plus postage.

New Helical gaered oil pumps any type...Need full sizes, as there are several different ones made by AC.

£450.00 plus shipping.

AC Ace Inlet Manifolds.

To suit 1 1/4" SU carburettors.

Sold in sets of three.

£225.00 plus postage.

Modern paper oil filters conversion to fit pre and post war sumps.

£85.00 plus postage.

New Crank shaft end with chain wheel.

Can be made to order as stock all sold.