Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches.

Listed here are several Pocket Watches for Sale that I had collected a few years back and still find them in my cabinet.

These I hung onto because the are such lovely examples of the Watch Makers Art….Many are American made. This was the centre of excellence for mass produced watches BEFORE the Swiss took the mantle.  

I have decided to leave prices up to the prospective buyer, to make an offer on anything that might be of interest…Don’t waste your time insulting the watches…Old I might be, Stupid I am not.

Waltham Special order Pocket Watch. Enamel dial with owners name in place of numerals.

Approx 1903 Heavy Silver cased.

Elgin 17 Jewel Double Roller Adjusted.

Dated 1915 from Movement number.

Model 7. Size 16. Three-quarter plate. Open Face Pendant set.

Case, Factory Advertised as Railroad Style.

Hamilton 17 Jewel, open Face, Lever set.

Dated to 1906 from Movement Number.

Elgin 15 Jewel, Pendant Set, open face.

Dated to 1913. Model 7 Size 18.

Silver case with Gold inlay of a Moose.

Rockford 1885 15 jewel patent Pinion

Full Hunter in Silver case.

Enamel dial signed

Hight & Fairfield , Butte City Montana.  Railroad watch. Lever Set.