Flywheels and clutches

We manufacture Riley Light weight flywheels and clutches for 9hp,12/4 and all 6 cylinder engine.

Also AC to suit Modern crankshafts, or original type.

Riley 12/4 borg & Beck  Flywheel and clutch to suit Manual Sprite gear box.

£575.00 complete plus shipping.

Light weight 9hp flywheel and Borg&Beck clutch. Sizes suit all crankshafts.

Price £595 ex-works.

2nd type flywheel with integeral ring gear for 12/6 & 14/6. No clutch parts supplied (shown for info only )

Price £450 ex-works.

Riley 12/4 & 15/6, 12/6 & 14/6 Borg&Beck complete ready to fit. Multi spline MGB input shaft type.

Price £575 ex-works add £50 to convert to Riley input spline.

Riley 12/6 and 14/6 3rd type flywheel for 3rd type clutch. Cover and workings at extra cost.

Price £450 ex-works

12/4 for AP racing clutch.

Weighs under £3.5Kgs. without clutch.

Could make for 6 Cylinder or 9hp.

£450.00 ex-works. (clutch extra)

12/4 for Preselector gearbox. Weights 3.6kgs. with drive hub.

Could be for 9hp or 6 cylinder engines.

£650.00 complete ex-works.

AC Light Weight Flywheel. 6.5kgs, original 14.2kgs.

£550.00 ex-works.