Flywheels and clutches

We manufacture Riley Light weight flywheels and clutches for 9hp,12/4 and all 6 cylinder engine.

Also AC to suit Modern crankshafts, or original type.

Riley 12/4 borg & Beck  Flywheel and clutch to suit Manual Sprite gear box.

£575.00 complete plus shipping.

Light weight 9hp flywheel and Borg&Beck clutch. Sizes suit all crankshafts.

Price £595 ex-works.

New one piece steel design with corrct size ring gear and lighter than old design.

2nd type flywheel with integeral ring gear for 12/6 & 14/6. No clutch parts supplied (shown for info only )

Price £450 ex-works.

Riley 12/4 & 15/6, 12/6 & 14/6 Borg&Beck complete ready to fit. Multi spline MGB input shaft type.

Price £575 ex-works add £50 to convert to Riley input spline.

Riley 12/6 and 14/6 3rd type flywheel for 3rd type clutch. Cover and workings at extra cost.

Price £450 ex-works

12/4 for AP racing clutch.

Weighs under £3.5Kgs. without clutch.

Could make for 6 Cylinder or 9hp.

£450.00 ex-works. (clutch extra)

12/4 for Preselector gearbox. Weights 3.6kgs. with drive hub.

Could be for 9hp or 6 cylinder engines.

£650.00 complete ex-works.

AC Light Weight Flywheel. 6.5kgs, original 14.2kgs.

£625.00 ex-works.

2nd Type Riley traffic clutch springs.

Some being sold are completely WRONG.

See 1st picture.  Far too strong.

2nd picture shows 30 ton press compressing till solid.

Note: top plate and bob weights SHOULD hit stops. Because this does not happen higher revs bring even more G force on the bob weight pins than was every expected and this can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

These strong springs go totally solid with 1mm movement at most. You may as well fit a solid tube of steel.

Riley designed the spring to apply the pressure to the driven plate, as in any Borg& Beck.

They did not intend G force to do the work. They carefully manufactured these clutches so as both stops are reached before any coil binding in the springs.

Correct set of springs  £36.00 plus postage.

Early Hornet 31-33 Light Weight flywheel. Comes in at 5.7Kgs   The original one shown, already turned down in size is 11.6Kgs.  Can work with original clutch, or Ford Diaphragm Type.  Please state which when ordering.    £595.00 plus post.