Machine Shop

AC water jacket replacement on PVT engine, after completion. Post war engines also catered for.

Our Machine shop is equipped with all the machines to cope with our original raison_d’être a Plastic injection tool room.   Luckily these machines and our experience as precision mould makers has enabled us to move with the times..... That is, into the manufacture of Pre-War car parts!

We have all the manual machinery of any general engineering machine shop ; turning, milling, internal, external and surface Grinding.   Plus spark erosion , Wire spark erosion and CNC 2D & 3D milling.

We have produced crank cases, gear boxes, rear axles cases, Gears of many types and many 1off  commissions.

Helping you is our aim, so please do contact us with any Pre-War car spares needs.

Wire erosion gives for Micron precession thus we are able to cut a spline to remove the multi MGB spline from this clutch plate, then cut the inside and out of an insert from heat treated steel to take a Riley input shaft.

Producing UJ splines is child’s play in Heat treated steel.

Our Gearbox gears are all produced with pilot bores only to allow precise cutting of spline to exactly fit the shafts which they are intended to, AFTER hardening. 

   Most other Pre-War specialists have the splines broached to a British Standard Size....this is not always close enough to do by a long way.  Riley shafts and splines are not all the same size and one can not always assemble mix&match originals.

   Our uprated 2nd silent 3rd gears FIT the sliding member exactly as we insist on having your part to fit too.

CNC milling makes complex shapes easy to machine from solid, as with our BTH replacement units.

Also CNC turning give precise hemispherical ball sockets for toque tubes, as here on our All Helical/silent 3rd conversion tail housing . .

Our Large manual Milling machinery allows us to machine engine blocks and crank cases, we have just completed 8 of the New Wolseley engine crank cases. Also line boring is carried out on engine and here shown an AC head for shells on camshaft.

Also shown Meadows 41/2ltr. crankcase and block....  Salmson 4 speed boxes.