electronic instruments

Brooklands EngineCraft.

3” Electronic Chrome rim rev counters back in stock.

See bottom of page for details.

Quality manufactured digital instruments for the Vintage car or motorcycle. British made British Gauges.

We can replace you damaged, broken, worn out or inaccurate workings with a Modern Electronic Digital movement.

In your original case, or remanufacture a Totally new replacment unit.

We carry a few stock items for those in a hurry….aren’t you all!....or offer a bespoke repair design service to suit your desires or needs.

Please feel free to ask for any help or information.

These instruments can run from coil, alternator or HT lead. Any number of cylinders.    Speedometers under construnction.

                     5 Inch  Jaeger  £450.00                                                  5inch  Jaeger      £450.00                                    3 inch Jaeger  £450.00

              3 inch Aluminium Ribbed Bezel Paris Jaeger for Bugatti or the like.  5k Jaeger in 3 inch.  8k to come in 3 inch. These are £500.00 plus postage.

   5 inch Ribbed Bezel in 8k and 6k. These are £550.00 plus shipping.

   6 inch 6k or 8K jaeger £500.00 plus post.

5" O.S. special Order just completed.

New Patina dial to replace Jaeger peg drive chronometric workings of the origianl instrument.   Dail made to special order to keep aged look.

Not only Pre War cars catered for, another special order for Maserati.

Can we help you?

Please contact with needs.

  6 inch 6k or 8K jaeger £500.00 plus post.

6" rev counter.

Special order for a special car.

What do you need?

Vintage Style Digital Speedometers.

3" instruments just made to fit my Riley Special.  I have no speedometer drive or cable rev counter drive.

We intend to offer 3 inch and 5 inch with chrome rims and 3" aluminium ribbed bezels.

Can be 80, 100 or 120 MPH. run from sensor on brake drum or prop shaft.

Please contact with your needs.

5 Inch pair just completed.

3” Electronic Chrome rim rev counters back in stock.

6k or 8k as shown fitted in a Riley Rotax dash panel

Any number of cylinders can be programmed.

Either is priced at £450.00 plus shipping.