Gearbox Rebuilds

Full New Brooklands set.

Mod to clutch lift for Borg&Beck.

Gear Ratio’s


1st   3.89:1

2nd   2.50:1    up-rated  2nd = 2.30:1

3rd   1.47:1

4th    1:1

Brooklands & Sprite 

1st   2.66:1      6.0  miles

2nd   1.72:1     9.3  miles

3rd   1.25:1     12.1 miles

4th    1:1         15.9 miles per 1000RMP  on 5.25 diff 19inch wheels

My Designed ( Tweeny)

1st    3.32:1  22x32  to  14x32

2nd   1.96:1  20x27     New T  1.80:1 21x26

3rd   1.45:1  27x27      New T  1.35:1 28x26

4th   1:1

TT Sprite Works

1st   1.85:1

2nd   1.53:1

3rd   1.25:1

4th    1:1

  We offer rebuilds on any Pre-War Manual Riley gearbox. This includes many upgrades to counter design flaws which,with the pasage of time, have now raised there heads.

   We also machine New gears and boxes.  Boxes so far are :

Meadows 4 ½ Ltr. Six.

Riley Sprite.

Vintage 4 speed Salmson.

Also a new gear set for Marlborough.

Any other marque can be considered for our help, please ask.

Riley silent 3rd can have all new gears or just 4 gears changed to give Brooklands Ratio's.      Also uprated 2nd.

We have designed two extra ratio sets as well as manufacturing Standard, Brooklands and TT Sprite. We always fit modern needle rollers too.

These are also made to fit the Sprite boxes.  These boxes used bearing the same as the All Helical of 33&34. These are obsolete so we have designed the new boxes to take Modern double row bearings and this mod can be applied to the all helical should their bearings be beyond reclamation.

All Helical can also be converted to Close Ratio with 4 change gears and 33 boxes converted to fit where a silent 3rd  should.

Mods include lip seals and modern needle rollers.

Does not include work to gearchange lids, any need at extra cost.

All helical to Silent 3rd Lenght.

Up rated 2nd with Sprite tail housing.

Silent 3rd RM 2.5 ltr.

All Helical Extended change and Borg&Beck  clucth lifter.

New Sprite case.

Silent 3rd remote gear change, ideal for standard car.

New Hotchkis remote gear change top.

Silent 3rd Gearbox rebuild.

Upon stripping one often finds the bearings are no longer tight in their housings, as seen in the pictures here.  Both main ball races are able to float, this also extends to the input shaft fit which is loose too in the bearing.  This all leads to the power pulling the input and output shafts into the centre of the box….standing between them….a single ball bearing.  See the effect of this in the picture above.           This can also lead to the lay shaft content mesh gear grinding away at the bearing if it is tight on the shaft still. Also the inputshaft grinding it's way onto the end of the output shaft .See below.

Here is the New lay shaft pin fitted, oil holes are drilled in the case to oil the needle roller bearing through the pin. Rear bearing now trapped in place with a modern lip seal behind it to run on the UJ.  Input shaft held with round nut which has oil seal running on it's outsdie diameter, and bearing trapped inplace in top hat bush.                                                    Full finished box ready to fit.

Latest Product,  All New gears for All Helical gears boxes.  These are a total redesign.

  As two of the helical gears are no longer able to be produced anywhere. I have designed the "New" box to have straight cut 1st & 2nd.  Brooklands Ratios and Tweeny will be available.

   So the New Box will be a silent 3rd with the stronger double row ball race main bearings of the All Helical…Much as the Riley Racing Sprite boxes.

     The gear change will remain unchanged as will the external appearance of the Box. No work to lids included in costs.

Brooklands Ratios and Tweeny are available.