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This weekend I have completed about 1000 miles with your sprite gearbox, it is a absolute delight and I am very happy. The box provides fast smooth changes of a quality I have up to now rarely experienced.

Many thanks for your excellent work.

Yours Werner

Werner Oswald

Steve,  engine running very well indeed, Ian Gladstone remarked on it's sparkling performance during test drive, asked who had built it!

John Winther.

Hi Steve,

Just thought you would like to know that I drove the car from Sydney via Adelaide to Darwin without any problems. A total of 3500 miles. Gearbox went great.


Paul Baee

Steve many many thanks for all your hard work . The car runs beautifully and was well able to get the bride to Church on time.

Nelson Renner.

Engine fully rebuilt after many years off road.  Re-fitted by Steve White.

9hp Silent 3rd with up rated second.

Hi Steve

Just thought I would let you know that the dynamo you supplied worked well at classic Le Mans, also the gearbox ratios

are much better for setting off from the line and should prove to be a bonus to lap times in  the future.


John Potter   

9hp "Tweeny" Ratio gearset, and Light Wieght dynamo.

Hi Steve,

You will be delighted to hear that your new gearbox managed to reduce by best time at Loton by just 3.5 seconds, and that my last run would have been even faster but I've now got a down on power engine.....!   Always something.


Colin Wolstenholme

12/4 Sprite box with "Tweeny" ratios.

Hi Steve

The engine you built for me is showing a lot of promise, it is noticeably more lively than the old one and I can feel that it wants to rev more. The clutch I have to say is delightful now, smooth as anything I had no idea how good it could be so your efforts on it were well worth it. I have completed the first 100 miles running in, torqued the head, changed the oil etc. There were the usual small oil and water leaks but nothing troublesome.  All I all I am very pleased with your engine work - thank you

Look after yourself, 

Chris Conner

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