Our Riley alternators are manufactured from Brand New quality mass produced units which we strip down.  A bespoke mounting flange to replace the front casting and include a lip seal to exclude oil is manufactured and fitted.  A heat treated steel drive dog is used  to suit the particular engine. The item is the run up and tested before shipment.

Prices from  £450 to £650 ex-works

Brooklands Alternator at 35 amps shown along side an origianl dynamo. Starting dog for show only.

Price Ex-Works    £900.00

Our alternators and dynamos are all made from Brand New quality made units.

   We strip the items and remake the front parts completely new to fit what ever engine it is needed to fit. This includes fitting lip seals to run on the heat treated steel drive dog.

   Many racing boys use our Light weight Dynamos as the VSCC insist on a dynamo and do not allow alternators in competition.

   For touring and normal road use the alternator offers higher output which is handy for driving all day with lights etc. in modern traffic conditions.

   Other marques maybe possible to manufacture to order, contact with needs.

AC Light weight dynamo available, alternator can be made.

V.S.C.C. have now allowed the use of alternators, this will move "Standard" cars to "Modified" Class. No change to "Specials"Class.

Latest item.   35amp “Small” unit.  Shown alongside a std. Rotax dynamo. Weight just under 3Kg.

  This is for 9hp or 12/4 at a price of £500 ex-works.

The same unit can be made for 14/6 15/6 at an extra £50

Shown here is an alternator which allows for the turning of an engine to set timing etc. with plugs removed.  These are 50amps and made to fit all Pre-War Riley engine types.

9hp & 12/4              £550.00

12 & 14 & 15 Six    £650.00

35amp to fit 9hp or 12/4 in style of original.

Weight 4.25kg

Price ex-works  £950.00

Could make 14/6 or 15/6 to order

14/6 15/6 9hp and 12/4 use the 65amp base unit.

35amp unit to fit 12/4 and 9hp engines.

  Basic model,  which  still fit the bill at less cost.

£400.00 plus shipping.

Autovia V 8  Alternator, similar to 15/6, but bigger drive dog.

New commission but could have been any alternator or dynamo type we manufacture.

Please ask if you have a need.  P.O.A.

Riley Altinyator.  Latest product, driven by a customer need for SMALL.

This unit is 70mm from the timing chest mount face to the end of the centre bolt.

Uses a 14amp alternator, which had a remote regulator pack. This pack is supplied with a wiring loom and 3 meters of wire to allow mounting almost anywhere on the car.

Price  £450.00 ready to fit to Riley 9 or 12/4

Can have starter dog, with a slight increase in length.

 Have your own dynamo converted inside to 14amp with Above unit fitted inside.

Fan cooled again with the remote regulator.

Cost depends on amount of input to original case and fittings...Starting at £500.00

Keeps starting handle function.