Brooklands EngineCraft.

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Parts we manufacture for Riley Pre-War engine are :

Adjustable timing gears for all 9hp, 12/4, L type and T type 6 cylinder and 15/6.  Also  L type distributor gear sets.

Light weight dynamos for all models, also Alternators of many types.

9hp BTH magneto replacement units.

New oil pumps for Brooklands and 12/4.

New Sprite gearboxes complete, as well as Brooklands remote gear changes.

Five different silent 3rd New gear sets as well as upgrades to std. 2nd gear ratio.

We also cater for Pe-War and post War AC engines, water jacket replacements, oil pumps, skew gears and seal conversions.

Salmson Vintage 4 speed gearboxes are produced completely New from British made patterns and casting. Also cross shaft timing gear sets.

AC 2ltr. PVT Cats Paw  crankcase totally NEW are also now available.

   We, unlike some clowns out there, offer a full service in the price.

We fit your sump and crank to the New casting so what you get is ready to fly.

Work shop rate is £50.00 per hour, unlike some in this game we only charge of hours actually worked ( usually, not even all time worked)

Terms & Conditions.

Brooklands Enginecraft is the trading name of D.L. Hughes a self-employed sole trader.

Any parts or services are only supplied on an owners risk basis, the cars and engines I work on are very old and I cannot guaranty suitability for use and long term success of any repair.

No responsibility for any consequential losses from using any of our products or services.

Replacement of faulty goods or refund at our discretion, limited to origianl Price.

ANY use in Rallying, Pace making, Racing or any type of completion/testing is also outside of any intended use and undertaken at the owner’s/order’s risk.

Any old ladies brought in for beating service must not be fit or carry offensive weapons  ie. Walking stick, Zimmer frame, sharp tongue!