Brooklands EngineCraft.

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Welcome to Brooklands EngineCraft.

We are a Small Family business based in Chippenham with 40 years of vintage engine experience. 

Specialising in Pre-War Riley engines & gearboxes, we manufacture some specialist parts for these iconic motor Cars.

With a full Tool room machine shop most work is able to be carried out in house, other Marques are also catered for.  See "ABOUT" pages for more details and trading T&C.

Pre-War engine and manual gearbox rebuilds on many Marques undertaken.  See "ABOUT" pages for more details.

Prices show what you pay, we are not VAT registered. 

Contact by email : steve@brooklandsenginecraft.co.uk 

or Visit by prior arrangement.

Unit 6. Crickett's Lane.


Wilts. SN15 3EQ

Old ladies beaten while you wait, by appointment.


Pre War Riley Servicing and Maintenance in the South West.

We are delighted to be now able to offer onsite Routine maintenance and MOT standard repairs in Chippenham, through our Colleagues, British Revivals , unit 5, Crickett’s lane.

Also full age appropriate MOT’s or maintenance for any Pre War Motorcar Marqe.

See British Revivals page, under ABOUT heading, to book an appointment.

Re-call ...12/6 & 14/6 & 15/6 T type water pump gears.  There is one wrong gear out there with only 20 teeth not 21. If you have bought since september 2018 Please do ckeck if you have the correct water pump drive gear.      

Riley 9hp and 6 cylinder with piston pumps can have our internally plumbed oil filter conversions fitted.  Worth doing if a New shell bearing crankshaft is being fitted.

Engine shown fitted with "Hot" Keith Pointing cams and uprated valve springs along with arrow crank shaft.

Original Brooklands to be compaigned in VSCC events by                " Grumpy Old Curmudgeon"

Steve Hughes, driving force behind Brooklands EngineCraft & H.R.A.

Hughes Racing Automobiles is a team of 6 cars owned by myself and my boys, all based on Riley cars.

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Brooklands BodyCraft

Specialists in making Aluminium body work

Wiring and Auto Electrical & much more


Brooklands Autocraft.

Brooklands Autocraft is My Son’s Venture between Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent.

He operates from a modern industrial unit, that is safe and secure. Here they can now attend to day to day maintenance or full restorations & anything in between.  Visit his web site or contact details.

Announcement : Best laid plans and all that. I am now keeping the flag flying on my own again. So, from now on contact me direct on my email. I am weighing up what products will be replaced as they are sold off. There is a “dropping off of the twig” of many of the folk who were interested in the cars I support and so a dwindling call for parts.  So it could well be when it’s gone-it’s gone.

New items in production.


Wolseley timing chains sprockets plus duplex up grade for Hornet 12/14hp.

New Starter Motors for Wolseley Hornets.

Now in Stock.   9hp engine gaskets. Sump at 0.8mm thick.  Timing chest to block and timing chest to timing chest. 9hp Rocker box gaskets in composite Material.  All "nine" types covered ....12/4 sump and Timing chest Too!...See Oil pumps & Engine spares page.

New AC 6 cylinder Cats Paw crank cases in LM25TF.  These are replacement units are made from the patterns as used for the "Owsald" and then the "Dunn" blocks.  There is a difference now.  No more being left with half a job.  You supply us with your crank and sump and we give you a fully finished job with rear oil seal and shell bearings ready to build....And all for only £5,500.00 of your Earth Pounds!

New Riley Dynamo. Using Bocsh type VW unit to suit all pre War engines.

New Starter motors too. For 9hp and 12/4 totally new units, more powerful than originals. See oil pump & Engine Spares page.  

Wolseley & MG Gearbox gears.  New 1st and 2nd straight cut gears for the early boxes are now in Stock. Also producing New 1st & 2nd striaght cut gears for syncro boxes.  Also unrated 2nd for 1931/2 boxes. Contact for more details.

Riley PreSelector Gears.  New Close ratio Needle bearings Gearsets now available.  Also build service if needed.  Please contact from details.