Project cars for sale

We have several Pre-War project cars for sale. These can be finished to your taste or sold as part done/ as is.

Please enquire as to prices, as this is subject to condition at time of asking/ your specification.

Any project can be finished to your build spec if deposit is paid.

All cars are privatly owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business.

Now one underway.

Vintage Riley Mk.IV car, being built now, Oily Rag two seat 9hp special with aluminium body, pointed tail and outside exhaust.

All original lights, cycle wings in aluminium leather seats.

See "Vintage Special" under Latest Projects page for much more. 

Ready NOW       £35,000 o.n.o.

VSCC Buff form . Has Race cams and Tweaked engine. See Vintage Special under Latest Projects. 

Brooklands Six

  AC powered Riley Brooklands wide Track 1937.   This latest project is still barely risen from the drawing board.

   We have the running gear all as found from a 37 Kestrel. The chassis is being transformed into a lengthened “Brooklands” profile which will add 3 inches in the width to a 9hp to allow the use of the wide track axles and extra in the wheel base to accommodate the six cylinder engine.

The engine is an AC, PVT "cats Paw" 2ltr. Six cylinder.  The  Riley silent 3rd box will have close ratio's and a Borg&Beck lightweight flywheel will be fitted.  We have 11”Rotax lights and a Full set of Jaeger instruments.

This will be a rare and mouthwatering steed for the well heeled gentleman to be seen in.  Is that YOU?

Wolseley Hornet Special.

Started restoration of chassis. Will look like the last one we did, shown here. Later crossflow engine.

Body will be made By Brooklands Bodycraft in the Seber Race Style.

Book your place in the driving seat by paying a deposit and get the car made around your desires.

Riley 12/4 1935 for Sale. Narrow Track 22T chassis.  Armstong pre Selector box. Will be built as a 2 seat special with pointed tail and outside exhaust. Body by Brooklands Body craft.

Riley 12/4 Wide Track Special for sale.

Riley 12/4 1,500cc Wide track Special with Preselector Gearbox. 

Will be built to be a roomy two seater with some room for luggage for those that want to go travelling in style, or thrash on the track on the odd weekend.

Knock on Wheels, Girling rod Brakes.

Price dependant upon spec. Please contact if interested and have it built to you desires.

Will look like the two pictures below, or could be any colour and will have knock on wheels.

Library pictures to show intent only

Riley Nine "Merlin Type" Open Prop Special.   See Latest Projects Pages.

Riley 9hp Merlin Chassis 

Our Latest Special project. Will have twin carbs, Engine already fully rebuilt, Pre Selector Gearbox. 

Two seat pointed tail, outside exhaust.

Will have VSCC Buff From.

Can be your's for a deposit to drive rebuild to your spec.

Follow progress in latest projects - Merlin Special.

£45,000 when finshed.

A deposit can make it yours to decide exact details.

Also 1932 12hp Wolseley Hornet Supercharged.

Being built with a New crankshaft and bigger bearings stroked and bored to 1,500cc.

Blower will be front mounted. This will be great fun and very quick.

Also 1934 12hp kit now in house.  Could have a  14hp Based on a  New block and crank.

And we have a 1932 car with a 1,455cc engine. 

Ask for deatils

Library pictures to show intent only

Genuine 12hp Wolseley Hornet Special 1933 

  As seen in pictures, engine is just being rebuilt only due to crook taking it apart to try a scam.  Will be fully re commissioned and road worthy when we let her go.

Engine now fully rebuilt with up grade to oil feeds and new white metal in New steel chesses on the main bearings.

If interested make contact for full details.


Wolseley Hornet 12hp Special.

A rare chance to buy off plan and be involved with the construction of your dream racer style Hornet.

Pictures are of “One We Made earlier” Now Living in Germany.

Please contact to discuss your dreams.

Being built with Supercharger. New crank, stroked and bore to 1,500ccc

Also, we have a  14hp on the back burner.

Riley Brooklands Racer. Too much to list here , See “Latest Projects” page for build pictures. Class winner in VSCC.

£ P.O.A.   Car is owned by Scott Hughes.

Red Mongrel.

Parts in hand now with a plan to make a copy of Freddie Dixon’s “Red Mongrel” .   Riley nine engine with Silent 3rd gearbox.  Original straightened chassis rails.  Mk.4  Axles and brakes and Steering.

If interested in owning something different for the track, please do get in touch.

Wolseley 14hp Racer. 

We have a kit to build a 14hp racer based on a new block and crank, can be any style, shown is the last one we did.


Can be supercharged or on two SU carburettors.

Price will be dependent on spec required.  Please do ask if you are feed up of just missing out, or the ones on offer are not  suitable.  

New replica Riley Brooklands Chassis. 

Probably the last one that will be made.  We have all the correct castings Made by Nick Jarvis and Ralph Wren. Last set of unused ones about.

New side rails can be made with loads of holes if wanted to save more weight, or as the one in picture.  This one is waiting for the doner casting from customer to arrive to be riveted in.

We can make you one to order so please get in touch if you fancy building a Brooklands Riley Special out of your old bits.  

Can supply axles and steering, engine and gearbox if required.

Go Really wild and have us make for Wolseley 14 engine!