We strip the items and remake the front parts completely new to fit what ever engine it is needed to fit. This includes fitting lip seals to run on the heat treated steel drive dog.

   Many racing boys use our Light weight Dynamos as the VSCC insist on a dynamo and do not allow alternators in competition.

We have these to fit all Pre-War Riley engines and also AC 2 ltr. Six engines.

Dynamos have been reconfigured to run in the correct direction and produce 25amps. They incorporate oil seals.

Prices from £450 to £500 ex-works.

£550 to £650 for Bosch starting handle connection type.

Also availiable are dynamos with a rev counter drive on the end. For thjose who have no other way to get a drive save total engine rebuild. PLEASE ASK.

Dynamos for all Pre-War Riley engines are produced .

12/6 14/6 shown.

Price £500 ex-works.

15/6 Type.

Price £500.00 ex-works

AC for 2ltr Six engines.

Price £500.00 ex-works

9hp or 12/4 fitting.

Price £450.00 ex-works.

to Suit all Pre War Riley engine types  and allow setting of engine with starting handle.

Uses a bosch regulator not included. Can be supplied at extra charge.

9hp & 12/4   £550.00

12/6,14/6 & 15/6  £650.00  ex works.

9hp & 12/4 Fan belt drive for side mounted dynamo/alternator.  Single Vee or could be double if wanted.

Using a single ball race and also a roller bearing, these are engineered to be much stronger then most found in use now.

100mm from tining chest face to end of thread.

£375.00 plus shipping, made to order.