British Revivals

British Revivals.

Based in Chippenham Wiltshire, British Revivals is a Small Business Run by Clive Anstey, concentrating on Classis and Vintage Car maintenance and repair.

Having on site MOT facility and fully trained mechanics, all aspects of routine maintenance and repair can be accommodated.

From a service to an engine rebuild or braking and rolling chassis repairs, all work carried out to exacting standards.

Tyres, Batteries and Exhaust fitted.

Full restorations considered.

Working Hours 8-5 week days.

Please contact only during working hours, Call Clive Anstey on 07710342841 to book an appointment or discuss your particular needs.

We have been working alongside Brooklands Enginecraft for some years on Pre-War Riley Motor cars, so all aspects of this Marqe can been tackled with a wealth of knowledge to be drawn upon.

Fitting a New bespoke  Made exhaust system to a Customer Car. Just one of the jobs easily undertaken.

Engines and running gear worked on. 1932 Riley Special being commissioned.

Wire wheels, tyres fitted and balanced.