Vintage Special

Vintage Riley Nine Special.  1930 Oily Rag Special.


We started with a derelict Mk.IV Vintage Riley that we have decided to build up as an “Oily Rag Special”.

The Running gear and engine all came as a rolling chassis, long forgotten and as last used in the 50’s.

There was no vestige of body or wings. No record or knowledge of what body type was fitted originally.

Is Now mechanically sound, but hopefully with the patina kept intact. The chassis has been left at standard length.  The twin staggered seat body Now made and fitted, is to be left in aluminium and patinated with old used leather seats.

The body Was planed not to be too low, as so many folk make specials that may look good as a static item but when the driver sits in they look like Noddy, stuck out wearing the body “like a skirt”

We will be finishing off with full equipment to allow use in VSCC Sprints and Hill Climbs. Will have original lights and a full set of instruments, plus some added touches.

If this car appeals to your inner lusts, please contact to arrange a visit and by paying a deposit you can become the designer of your own destiny.

Have immense fun in Class 8 and dice with the likes of the Wrong Special, the Toy and the Gutter Bolt Special.

Engine :  Merlin Big crank, cross drilled and lighten and balanced flywheel clutch,New White metal on newly ground crank. Fast road cams 280 dwell-260 lift, Omega high comp forged pistons.New Aluminium adjustable timing gears. 12/4 inlet valves, double valve springs, bigger ports. Shimmed head, reconditioned oil pump, solid sump baffle. BTH replacemnt unit.....not a little bad unit.

We do restore/rebuild any Pre-War car asked to do.  Here We will show some of our Projects.

Body by, Brooklands Bodycraft of Oxford.

Trimmed in Old Leather from a Riley RM. With Brown leather arm rests and tool bags.

Black Double Duck two piece Tonneau.

Hand crafted outside exhaust with Brooklands Can and fish tail.

Brooklands Aero Screens and full set of instruments.

Engine with Merlin crank, all Balanced, H/C pistons. Hot cams, New adjustable timing Gears, large inlet valves. Twin Carbs

£  35,000