Watches & Clocks

An 8 day desk watch in an Arts&Crafts style Desk stand. Enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, cathedral hands and Arabic numerals.  15 jewel Swiss movement.

Price £100.00 plus delivery costs..

WW1 Military Issue Binoculars in outstanding condition.  Not a time piece, I know, but a lovely Vintage piece of history and useful to boot!  Ideal for a day at the vintage races.

Price £75.00 plus delivery costs

These items are privately owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business.

RAF WW2 Operations Room Sector clock.

Dated 1943 by Smiths.

Fully serviced and running well.

£4,000.00 plus shipping

R.A.F. Mess Wall Clock.

1942 Elliott Case marked A.M.

Lovely item, recently serviced.

£2,000.00 plus shipping.

 J.W. Benson Silver Wristlet. Double hinged back covers, Hallmarked London 1924.

Swiss 15 jewel movement. Leather strap and original J.W. Benson case. 34mm across case.

Enamel dial marked J.W. Benson with subsidiary seconds dial. A lovely thing in outstanding running condition.

£475.00 including UK postage.

Jaeger 8 Day Car Clock. 1930's as fitted to Riley cars and many other makes of car.

Serviced and running well, ready to fit to 82mm hole in dash.

£90.00 plus postage.

Watchtrapper's Corner.

I used to collect watches, to the point of an obsession.

   When I got back into Pre-War Rileys this faded away.  I sold the major part of my collection, which were all military Issue, to a US collector who flew over to collect them.  Set the alarms of at Heathrow with all the radio active dials.

Some clocks and  Many RAF Sector Clocks for Sale.

Waltham Special order Pocket Watch. Enamel dial with owners name in place of numerals.

Approx 1903 Heavy Silver cased.

£150.00 plus shipping

George VI  Smiths Astral clock.

8" dial


£250.00 plus post

W.W.1. Genuine Military Issue Wristlet. These are rare, as losses action were so great, that the ministry ordered that All officers must supply their own, New Fangled Wrist watches. 15 jewel Swiss Movement. Leather Military style strap. Enamel dial with Subsidiary seconds dial. Case 39mm across.

£575.00 including UK post

British Jaeger 8 day Dash clock. Seviced and ready to fit. As fitted to Riley cars.

Two in stock.

£100.00 plus shipping.

Edward VII ...Rare Fusee by Elliott

12" dial

Fully serviced.

£1,000.00 plus shipping.

George VI Fusee by Elliott.

12" Dial.

Fully serviced and running well.

£850.00 plus shipping.

RAF 8 day Mantle Clock.


Fusee Movement.

Air Ministry Marked. 14" inches high.

Fully serviced and in lovely original condition.

Date 1939, so saw service in the Battle of Britain.


Priced at £1,000 plus shipping.

Smiths MA 8 day clock.

Running well,ready to fit.

£85.00 plus post.

Smiths MA 8 Day dash clock in brass hinge out case, serviced and running well.

£85.00 plus postage.

Jaeger 8 Day Aluminium Ribbed Bezel Dash Clock.

Serviced and running well.

£180.00 plus post.

British Jaeger 8 day.

Later shallow case as fitted to Sprite Spec. dashboards.

£150.00 plus postage.

Mappin Aviator. W.W.1. Genuine Military Wristlet. This is beyond rare.

Longines 13,34 Movement 18 jewels.        In a Silver 36mm Borgal, screw front case. Hallmarked London 1918.

Black Enamel dial signed Mappin Aviator, Subsidiary seconds dial.

£1,000.00  find another.

George VI Ministry Mantle clock.

18" high By Elliott.

Fully service and running well.

£900.00 plus postage.

Coventry Astral Ships Brass Bulkhead clock 8 days,

centre seconds.

Fully serviced.

£150.00 plus shipping.

Jaeger 8 day Aluminium Ribbed Bezel dash clock.

Fully serviced and running well.

£200.00 plus postage.

Jaeger Paris 8 Days. Aluminium Ribbed Bezel.

Fully Serviced and running well.

£200.00 plus postage.

Longines Weems, Airman’s Wrist watch.

Approx. 1943.

17 jewel Movement.

Rotating bezel for setting seconds.

£650.00 including UK post.

Jaeger 8 day Dash Clock.

Aluminium Ribber Bezel.

Fully serviced and running well.

Bakelite adjusting knob.

£200.00 plus shipping

1942 RAF Wall Clock by Smiths Marked Coventry Astral 1942 and with the Air Ministry Crown.

14" dial With RAF crest.

Serviced and running well.

£600.00 plus shipping.

George V 1931 By Potts of Leeds.

12" Dial Fusee wall clock.

Fully serviced and running well.

£850.00 plus shipping.