Wolseley Spares

Wolseley Hornet Special.

We have taken it on ourselves to Produce a few Wolseley Hornet parts to our normal High standard, to be sure of what we are fitting into the engines we build.

This has allowed us to now offer these to any Wolseley Hornet owner.


Two Wolseley Hornet, original Factory booklets. Parts list and Instruction Manual.


£30.00 plus post for the pair.

Sprockets For Hornet Special engines.

Single and Duplex crank shaft type and early 12hp.

All types will be supplied in time.

EN24T is used for long life.

Instruction manual 14hp cars. Origianl Factory item.


£20.00 plus post.

Over size oil pump gears in stock, two types.


Your body can be machined to take these and re-establish fit in pump as New.


Prices for complete overhaul:

Early Type £150.00 ex-works.

Late Type £175.00 ex-works.

Skew gear sets. For early and late engines. Sold as sets only.

EN40B Nitrided.

Speedometer drive gears, driven only.

EN40B Nitrided.


£50.00 ex-works.

Distributor drive gears late engine.

EN40B Nitrided.


£75.00 ex-works

Totally New Starter Motor.

Higher power than the original ones.


£300.00 plus postage.


Wolseley Hornet Supercharged engine. Fully rebuilt and running in the fastest 12hp car out there...Engine only for sale.

Phoenix crank & rods ( stroked)

MG forged pistons

Cylinder head modified on flow bench (£2500 documented and pictured)

Duplex chain drive

Oil pump modified to high pressure

Baxter race cam (adjustable), followers, larger inlet valves, springs etc./all headwork new

Eaton M45 supercharger

Block completely overhauled (additional oil lines to the main bearings)

High performance ignition system in original distributor case

Race clutch from AP Racing


Available Spring 2018 @ £15,000.00