Used Pre-War Spares.

We hold a large stock of 9hp engines and gearboxes and some 12/4 units.

Gearboxes can be out right sale or exchange.

Contact for full details.

These used spare parts are privately owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business. All are old parts and carry no guaranty what so ever.

See Automobilia page for hand Books.

Rotax Cutout and Fuse Board.

Either this one or the earlier type.

Please inquire.

Also dash panels of different types

Due in SOON!  a complete 12/4 engine and gearbox as found.

For Sale. Riley Merlin 9hp engine block. Only on +0.030” bores.

Good ,sound condition ready to go again.

Price £150.00 ex-works.  SOLD.

Others in stock please ask.

Vintage and later availiable too

9hp and 12/4 inlet manifolds.

Various types and prices.

Please enquire with your needs.

AC Post War Block, very good condtion.

£500.00 ex works.

Riley Nine Crank shafts and rods.

Many different Types and sizes.

Some re-ground. Some With re-metaled rods.

Please ask with your needs??

9hp and 12/4 exhaust manifolds.

Various types and prices.

Please enquire with your needs.

Riley 9hp Mk.V1 engine. Internal oil feed. Engine is not seized, but totally as found along with the silent 3rd gearbox in the same barn fresh condition.

Complete with a starter motor and manifolds.

£2,000.00 ex works.

Vintage Block, only. 

  No issues at all.  Acid clean and ready for New pistons.

Hartford Shock Absorbers. Some used.

Some New.

Please Ask for details.

A few Lucus distributors, for 9hp and 12/4 please ask.

Rotax headlight glass, for 11inch lamps. Original.

£100 ex-Works

Lucas Head lights R 160 S.

9 1/2 across Rims.

Long Range biflex with original glasses.

Rims rechromed.

£350.00 plus shipping

14/6 All Helical gear box, stripped ready to rebuild to your needs.

Can have standard saloon used gears.

Close Ratio All Helical with New Constant Mesh gears only.

Or totally All New Gears that are based on silent 3rd and designed to fit the all helical box and remote gear change. These have been designed as there are some gears in the original design which have been found to be not possible to make without a special machine that no one has anymore. Along with the tooth changes I have removed the constant driving of reverse gear.


Rotax K601.

  8 inch Headlights in very nice condition.

With clamps as seen in picture.

Sold now, other in stock pictures to follow.

4 Good bolt on wheel centres. Blatsed and primed.

£100.00 plus shipping.

Rotax K596 11 inch Headlights.

Painted Gloss Black, all rechromed.

Hinged Stone Gaurds and correct glasses.

Priced finished ready to fit.

£1,100.00 plus post

BTH Magneto, we have a couple working.

Sparking well. History unknown.

£250.00 each, plus shipping.

Riley Leather Tool bags.

250H x 220W x 100D

Really Tick hide, make wonderful fixed tool box for the car.

£40.00 plus Post

9hp and 12/4 Rotax dynamos Rebuilt.  Different types available.

Please enquire with your needs.

Right angle drive.  Please ask for full details

Pair Rotax Head lights with adjustable focus and Triangular bases.  Re silvered and with original glasses. 8 inch. 

£400.00 plus shipping.

Front and Rear Riley Nine cable braked axles.

As removed from car, in need or restoration.

  In very good sound condtion.


Lucas RH L6 Twin horn relay. 12 volt, as used on late Riley Cars pre War.

£75.00 plus shipping.

Wolseley Hornet

New 14 Engine and gearbox.

For sale as one lot.Sold as seen. POA not cheap.Find another.

Pair of 8" Rotax head lights, not complete.

For spares or repair.

£50 the lot plus post.

A pair of Bronze SU 1 ¼” with bronze float chambers, in good sound condition.

Will need rebuild before use.

£650.00 plus post.

Triple  SU 1 1/8” will not come with attached manifolds.

In sound condition.

Will need rebuild before use.

£650.00 plus post.