Timing & speedo gears

Adjustable timing gear sets for all Pre-War Riley engines. Available in  H.T. Steel or Aluminium.

Used by many VSCC race drivers and specialist engine builders.

Priced from £450 to £850 ex-works.

AC 2 ltr. Six gear sets are held ready to finish,in works, to suit crank type.

Price £550 ex-works

Also adjustable Cam sprocket.   £125.00

L type distributor gear set.

Price £150 ex-works

BTH Bronze gear 9hp.

Price £65 ex-works

Acetal BTH gear £45

Riley Speedo Prop Shaft Drive Gear in Steel.

Also Driven Gear in Acetal.

Price Steel Gear            £95.00 ex-works

Acetal 24t                     £40.00 ex-works

Bronze and Acetal 25t on order.

New Speedo Drive gears for Moss gearbox.

Pre-War or Post-War type.


£150.00 ex-works.

Just Ordered.  Riley Nine Mk.V Adjustable timing gears.

These are wider than Mk.IV but the same design, use the large eccentric.

Not as Wide as Mk.VI, not been available anywhere for decades.

Price to be announced.

Re-call ...12/6 & 14/6 & 15/6 T type water pump gears.  There is one wrong gear out there with only 20 teeth not 21. If you have bought since september 2018 Please do ckeck if you have the correct water pump drive gear.

Adjustable timing gears for all 9hp, 12/4, L type and T type 6 cylinder and 15/6.    Also  L type distributor gearsets.


Salmson and AC also stocked. These are not adjustable.

Wolseley Hornet 12hp and 14hp skew gear sets soon available. Also sprocket sets and oil pump overhaul with new oversize gears. See Wolseley Spares Page


Salmson Timing gear set. To suit:

S4-61, S4-DA and  S4D.  Engines.

EN40B Nitrided.

Only driven gears left, POA

Bean 2.7ltr Meadows speedometer gear set.

Only one set available.

£175.00  plus postage.