Project cars for sale

We have several Pre-War project cars for sale. These can be finished to your taste or sold as part done/ as is.


Please enquire as to prices, as this is subject to condition at time of asking/ your specification.


Any project can be finished to your build spec if deposit is paid.


All cars are privatly owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business.


Crossley 1935 6 cylinder. VSCC eligible. Engine and EVN Pre-selecta Box all rebuilt. Axles and braking fully restored.

Riley Brooklands Exacting Replica 1932. This one has been assembled with no compromise on build specification or cost. Ash frame with doors by marque specialist. Correct Radiator New. Arrow crank and rods,hot cams, Brooklands Sump, High comp pistons Etc.Etc. C/r box. Full set of Jaeger instruments, Small Rotax lights,switch panel and fusebox. All in all the best copy we can do with no intention of faking original. Registered as such were it counts. You can become the owner of this and be involved with it's final build spec by making a deposit.

Riley 12/4 1935. Narrow Track 22T chassis. Armstong pre Selector box. Will be built as a 2 seat special with pointed tail and outside exhaust. Body by Brooklands Body craft.


1932 Wolseley Hornet Special


We also have a Wolseley Hornet Special which is having the chassis underslung at the moment.

12hp Engine and manual gearbox, with remote. The very desirable large brakes on the bigger axles.

Will be clothed by Brooklands Bodycraft in the Seber body style.

A little way off, but as with all our cars, could be sold as is or finished to your desires with a deposit to put you in the driving seat.


Now one underway.

Vintage Riley Mk.IV car, being built now, Oily Rag two seat 9hp special with aluminium body, pointed tail and outside exhaust.

All origianl lights, cycle wings in aluminium leather seats.


Ready Spring 2018 apply now for more details, deposit makes it yours!.

Brooklands Six

AC powered Riley Brooklands wide Track 1937. This latest project is still barely risen from the drawing board.

We have the running gear all as found from a 37 Kestrel. The chassis is being transformed into a lengthened “Brooklands” profile which will add 3 inches in the width to a 9hp to allow the use of the wide track axles and extra in the wheel base to accommodate the six cylinder engine.

The engine is an AC, PVT "cats Paw" 2ltr. Six cylinder. The Riley silent 3rd box will have close ratio's and a Borg&Beck lightweight flywheel will be fitted. We have 11”Rotax lights and a Full set of Jaeger instruments.

This will be a rare and mouthwatering steed for the well heeled gentleman to be seen in. Is that YOU?


Woleseley Hornet Special.

Stared restoration of chassis. Will look like the last one we did, shown here. Later crossflow engine.

Body will be made By Brooklands Bodycraft in the Seber Race Style.

Book your place in the driving seat by paying a deposit and get the car made around your desires.


Library picture to show intent only

Genuine Vintage Riley “Nine” engine and Silent 3rd gearbox.

Race engine. Fully rebuilt with new everything inside. Oil filter upgrade & Arrow crank and rods.

Gearbox has had All New C/R gearset on needle rollers, New Needle roller UJ too.

Engine has been run up in test bed, ready to fit including New Starter motor and L/W dynamo.


Collection & payment by arrangement with My customer, he was fitting to another make of car but has gone for correct type engine now.


Asking £19,500 as that is how much it cost to buy and do. No expense spared in doing rebuild. SOLD


Wolseley Hornet Supercharged engine. Fully rebuilt and running in the fastest 12hp car out there...Engine only for sale.

Phoenix crank & rods ( stroked)

MG forged pistons

Cylinder head modified on flow bench (£2500 documented and pictured)

Duplex chain drive

Oil pump modified to high pressure

Baxter race cam (adjustable), followers, larger inlet valves, springs etc./all headwork new

Eaton M45 supercharger

Block completely overhauled (additional oil lines to the main bearings)

High performance ignition system in original distributor case

Race clutch from AP Racing


Available Spring 2018 @ £15,000.00 SOLD



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