Oil Pumps & engine spares

New Item.

Riley 12/4 Replical Bosch 009 New distributor converted to work on all 12/4 engines

Exchange your item to keep costs down


With New bronze gear, less £40.00 if yours reused. Your clamp and sleeve.


Exchange £140.00 + post

Shown with used gear fitted.

The Replica Bosch 009 Distributor by Powerspark is supplied as a free gift at no charge or responsibility for quality of that part.

Riley Brooklands plunger oil pumps are made new in Bronze or Aluminium.

These have larger pistons than on Std. 9hp pumps. Also "L"type 14/6.


We also recondition original pumps on an exchange basis. Piston and gear type.

Reconditioned Merlin oil pumps with oversize bodies are also available.


12/4 & 15/6 New oil pumps are in production.


AC 2 ltr. With helical gears are made in three different sizes to suit different sump types.


New Bronze or Aluminium Brooklands oil pumps. 9/16" pistion for higher delivery.

Price ex-works £200.00

Reconditioned Merlin 9hp oil pump with oversize body to allow machining of timing case to re-establish good fit.

Price £150 ex-works exchange.


Your case reclaimed, please ask for details.

14/6 Riley recondition oil pump for T type engine.

Price outright sale £175 ex-works

Rocker Spacers.

2mm thick aluminium plates. Hole need drilling if used on internal oil feed system.

9hp £20.00 per pair ex-works.

14/6 £40.00 per pair ex-works.

9hp Merlin Engine gaskets newly commisioned from Gasket making specialist.

Engine block to Timing chest.

0.40mm 8094 gasket material

Timing chest

0.40mm 8094 Gasket matierial


Price £6.50 each + post

Re-gain lost Tappet adjustment

Riley Pumps on exchange.

9hp £85.00

"L" type 14/6 £95.00

"T" type 14/5 £110.00

All ex-works

New Scintilla magneto pinion. Made in Acetal. Proven to work well.

Price £40.00 ex-works.

9hp Sump gaskets made in 0.8mm thick 8094 gasket material .


Price £8.00 + post

Reconditioned 12/4 or 15/6 oil pumps.

On exchange subject to condition of original...many now beyond salvation.

£400.00 ex-works

Exhaust Nuts, extra long 5/16"BSF Brass .


£1.50 each ex-works.

9hp Mk4 to Mk6 .

Magneto or Distributor type timing chest gaskets.

Block to timing Chest.


0.014” 8049 Composite Gasket material.

Price £6.50 each Plus shipping.

9hp Rocker box gaskets in 8049 composite Material 0.014" thick.


£6.00 a pair plus postage.

New Item.

Riley 9hp Replical Bosch 009 New distributor converted to work on all later Mk.# engines.

With New bronze gear fitted ready to use.

£140.00 + post

The Replica Bosch 009 Distributor by Powerspark is supplied as a free gift at no charge or responsibility for quality of that part.

Eletronic... No points.... either type to order, or on BTH replacement unit


extra £35.00

12/4 oil pumps total Newly manufactured, not reconditioned old ones.

Supplied with "free" engine bush.


£650.00 ex-works

Riley Nine 4 branch exhaust for under bonnet use.


£375.00 ex works


12/4 also in stock £375.00

Timing gear idler spindles. Oversize to allow machining out worn eccentrics on their bore.

Standard sizes also stocked.

Most types in stock.


Various Prices please ask.


Right Angle Rev counter take off for fitting to “T” type water pumps, driven from base of distributor.

Riley Merlin 9hp engine.

Modern paper oil filler adaptor.

Simple fitting, proper filtration.


£65.00 plus postage.


12/4 Oil Filter conversion, fits directly to your original housing.

Gives modern filtration, without changing parts, for standard Riley engines.


Original housing shown only for effect. Not included.



£100.00 ex-works.


12/4 Timing chest in 0.4 8049 composite material. £8.00


Sump in 0.8mm 8049 £10.00


12/4 Sump Baffle Aluminium 1.5mm plate, fight against oil surge. £30.00

12/4 New Replica Starter Motor.

10 ot 11 teeth. All Lucus parts.

Side or end connection



£350.00 plus shipping

9hp New starter motor, more powerfull than original and totally New.

Needs to be fitted before gearbox.


£300.00 plus post

Silent 3rd Gaskets in 8049 composite Matirial.0.016" thick.

Rear and front housings £6.00 each

Top £8.00

Gerling Front brake dust cover plates.

These are in Stainless Steel.

Sold in sets of four to replace both sides on an axle.


£20.00 per set