Jaeger 3 inch 120 mhp Chronometric Speedo.

Fully rebuilt and ready to fit.


£400.00 plus postage

Smiths “N” Dash Board clock.

8 day movement. 3 inch unit. Serviced

Price £85.00 plus shipping


More Car Dash clocks on

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We have a stock of reconditioned and unrestored instruments.

Please inquire. We always try to help.


8 day Smith & Jaeger Clocks restored/repaired.


Temperature gauges, Oil pressure gauges and Ammeters.


These used spare parts are privately owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business.



Sometime in the late 1920's, Jaeger Paris set up a company in England, Jaeger Ed., with two British directors and one French director. Around 1927, Smiths Motor Accessories purchased this company and re-named it British Jaeger.

For a long time the dial faces, either with the British Jaeger or Smiths logo on them, also had a credit to Jaeger …”Jaeger patent”. Smiths often badged their instruments Jaeger or Smiths.


Chronometric 6 inch rev counter calibrated to 6,000 RMP in clock and anti clock direction at 2:1 with Jaeger or Smiths drive.

Price £600 ex-works.

Chronometric 5 inch rev counter calibrated to 6,000 RMP in anti clock direction at 2:1 with Smiths drive

Price £500 ex-works.

Fully rebuilt and ready to fit. Jeager 5 inch Rev counterin Bakelite case.


£500 the ex-works

Chronometric speedometer and rev. counter Jaeger drive type, chassis bushing and clockwork overhauling. Send your instruments for appraisal.

Jaeger shaft drives ware and allow gears to be damaged by movement in chassis. Here a shaft has been bushed and a gear has been replaced.

8 Day Jaeger platform, balance broken and staff removed ready to mend.

Riveting in new balance Staff to Balance wheel.

Fitted hairspeing and roller to balance..

Platform rebuilt and fitted.

Running on serviced Movement, ready to recase.

Re-cased and ready for new owner.

See Watches&Clocks page.

Early Riley Oil Pressure Gauge. 160psi. with clamp and nut.

Restored condition.


£110.00 plus shipping.



Lucas Ammeter + - 20 amp. With clip and spring.

Restored condition.


£80.00 plus shipping.


Smiths Jaeger 8 day Clock.

Fitted to 5 inch speedo or rev counters.

Seviced and running.


£100 each plus Post.

Chronometric 3 inch rev counter calibrated to 6,000 RMP in clock and anti clock direction at 2:1 with Jaeger drive.

Price £400 ex-works. To order

Chronometric 5 inch 120 MPH speedo and 6K rev counter.


Fully rebuilt and ready to fit. Rev counter is reversed drive as needed on Riley and some other Marques. Could be std. direction rev counter also.


£1,100 the pair ex-works

Smiths MA 120mph Motorcycle Chronometeric speedo. Fully restored and ready to fit.


£375.00 plus shipping

Also Electronic 3" that looks the same as these but will run off the coil any number of cylinders.


Sensor to run off magneto £30.00


£300.00 plus shipping.

Rolls-Royce oil Pressure gauge

30psi instrument. Heavy Brass screw bezel case, by Dewrance of London. 2 13/16" across knurled bezel, thick beveled glass. Case is 2 1/2" diameter.


£150.00 plus post.


Lucas Ammeter + - 20 amp. None spring clip type.

Restored condition.


£70.00 plus shipping.

5 inch Electronic rev counter. 6k or 8k as shown.

Works on 4 or 6 or 8 cylinder off coil or sensor on flywheel (not supplied) or alternator W conection.


Sensor to run these from Magneto £30.00


£450.00 plus post.


Smiths 8k Rev counter 3 inch.

Jaeger Peg drive reversed for Riley.


£400 plus shipping.



Jaeger 3 inch 80 mhp

Chronometric Speedo.

Fully rebuilt and ready to fit.


£400.00 plus postage

Jaeger set of three rebuilt instruments.Aluminium ribbed bezel 80mm hole fitting.


Sold Speedo, another under way..

Joseph Lucas Ltd. Ammeter.

Thick bevelled Glass.

Off white dial shows 16 Amperes.

60mm case as used on Riley Sprite.

With dash clamp.

£75.00 plus post.


These Paris Jeager instruments can be done to order. Can have Trip if required...can be in Aluminium Ribbed bezels as brooklands instruments below.


Price dependent on what is ordered, please ask.

Jaeger Paris 85mph Ribbed bezel speedo with front trip knob.

Restored and ready to fit.


£625.00 plus shipping.

Brooklands close ratio speeds marked on dial. Ready to fit, Smiths cable drive.



£1,000.00 the pair. plus post.

Jaeger Paris 8 Day clock, soon to be joined by a matching rev counter and speedo.



Jaeger Paris 120KPH could change and recalibrate to suit your needs.

Rare Right angle cable drive.


£750.00 plus post.

A.R.I.C. oil pressure gauge.

Working fine.


£100.00 plus postage

Jaeger 100 mph.

reconditioned and ready to use,


£750.00 plus post.

Smiths Water temp Gauge. Fully restored ready to fit.


£100.00 plus post.

6 inch Jaeger 8k Rev counter as New condition. readty to fit.


£600.00 plus post.

Electronic rev Counters, Shown Below.

These are professionally made 12 volt instruments made to order. Any dial to order.

I will be holding a stock of 6k and 8k Jaeger in black...Plus some in Replica Bakelite 5" cases…. Also 3” Chrome rimed as before.

Your case/ dial can be used to give you a working instrument if wanted. Please inquire with your needs.


As shown outright sale £450.00 plus postage.




5 inch Jaeger 8k Chronometric instrument.

One Being rebuilt now. Could be reversed to run from back of cam if needed, at extra cost.



£550.00 plus shipping




Joseph Lucas Ltd. Ammeter.

Black dial shows 20 Amperes.

60mm Chrome case, as used on Riley Sprite.

With dash clamp.


£95.00 plus post.

S. Smith & Sons governor type Rev counter at 1:1.

Large 5” case, very hard to find item. In as found working condition.

£400.00 plus shipping