Gearboxes & UJ's

Our Sprite 4 speed manual boxes are made from Patterns and casting made in the UK, available in both Aluminium LM25TF or Magnesium. 5 different ratios are produced, some to ordered.


These differ from the originals as the bearings are obsolete which meant modifications which allow for modern metric races to be used and 3 piece roller races.


Well proven in many VSCC race cars and standard Sprites.


Usually supplied to allow for use with a Borg&Beck clutch/flywheel (also Manufactured for most Pre-War Riley engines) Can be supplied to take Original Riley clutch lifter.



Also see Gearbox rebuilds subpage under "About" page for many more options.


New: Silent 3rd gears for All Helical gearboxes.


Note: As Ralf Wren has passed on, the patterns were his, and his business has become obsolete. We can no longer offer Magnesium gearbox cases and when the next two boxes are sold that will be the end of production. So if you think you might want one in the future…move now before it is too late.

With Sprite/Brooklands Ratios below. Multi splined input shaft or std. Riley 6 tooth.


1st 2.66:1 6.0 miles

2nd 1.72:1 9.3 miles

3rd 1.25:1 12.1 miles

4th 1:1 15.9 miles per 1000RMP on 5.25 diff 19inch wheels


Priced at £8,000 ex-works in Aluminium.

Our Vintage Salmson 4 speed Gearboxes are made from patterns made in the UK and cast here in LM25TF. The gears have been increased in width over originals by 50% to give longer life. Many of our boxes are in use world wide and one is competed hard in VSCC events. We also make a remote gear change for these boxes as well as UJ's.

Price £6,500 ex-works

Note :Brookland remotes for any silent 3rd box manufactured in two lentghs .

Price £900 and £950

Riley UJ with sealed for life Hardy Spicer unit fitted.

9hp or 12/4


Price £500 ex-works


Originals recondition on exchange £300.00

contact for details of UJ's and remotes

Riley Silent 3rd remote

in Singer Trials Special.

Lenght to suit your needs, you supply original top casting and lever.

Price £450 ex-works

Silent 3rd gears to fit All Helical boxes, using original gear change lid.

Brooklands ratio's also special ratio's

3:1, 1st

2:1 2nd

1.45:1 3rd

1;1 4th.



Sealed for life 12/4 UJ shown in place. Designed to allow proper fitting of output shaft lock nut.

Silent 3rd 9hp Gear box ready to fit.


Fully rebuilt with new gears and shafts, all the Brooklands Enginecraft modifications to bearings and internals. This was built for a customer who went a different way in the end.

It has standard ratio's, as the guy was going trialling, but then decided on race so had Brooklands C/R.

It's for sale at a fraction of normal price if you came to me fresh, and is the last set of standard ratio's I have and I intend to make no more at these ratio's.

Collection best option, shipping extra. £2,350.00 ex-works.